BREDA Projects

Our projects are divided into two categories:

Open and maintain
distribution channels

  • Export and distribution of red beans from Ethiopia in Latin America. We are the largest distributirs or red beans grown in the Horn of Africa, with Latin American countries as the main market.

  • Facilitating biosecurity supplies for Latin America: with the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an ex-shipment of masks, gloves, respiratiors and other supplies and equipment necessary to face the crisis in the world. thanks to our contacts and alliances throughout the world, we have been able to obtain and export these supplies to some Latin American countries, which without our help could not be supplied.

Trading and Distribution


We have several mineral extraction projects under development throughout the America.
Some of it are:

  • Antimony exploitation in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

  • Exploitation of Iron Ore in Honduras.

  • Manganese exploitation in Bolivia.

  • Lead Ore exploitation in Guatemala.

Mining Exploitation